The seller is responsible for two years from the date of purchase in the event of non-conformity in accordance with Art. 10 of the Act on the specific conditions of consumer sale of 27 July 2002 and other relevant legislation.


  In the case of non-conformity, a letter stating the non-compliance and expectations on how to settle the obligation, should be sent to the Seller.


Bartosz Góralewski - SUGARPILLS

ul.Żelazna 58/62/419

00-866 WARSAW



          Within ten days of receipt of the ordered goods, the Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason, according to the general rules laid down in the provisions on distance contracts.


According to the Act are not subject to refund auditory and visual products, and recorded on data carriers by the consumer after the removal of their original packaging. . Seller within 10 working days of receipt of returned goods, refund the money through electronic payment system PAYU or PayLane or bank number is provided if the customer chose to order payment of the fee for the account of the company.


  All prices quoted by the Seller are denominated in Polish currency and is a gross price (includes VAT). Commodity prices do not include shipping cost, which is defined in the price list of supplies.


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